Apple watch offers way more than just telling time and displaying notifications. Apple watch is famous for providing several other health benefits. As a matter of fact, Apple watch works primarily as a health and fitness tracker. If you are an iPhone user and looking to up your fitness game, Apple watch can be your best friend. All hail to the built-in GPS and two-day battery life, you have your very own personal trainer right on your wrist.

Apple watch can successfully help you lose weight, work out and just stay on top of the fitness game. Every day you will be able to gauge the calories you have burnt and how much exercise you have done in a day. The more data your Apple watch collects, the more insight you will have about your health behavior and conduct. This way you will be managing your health regime and objectives better. You can also keep a corrective action on your performance.

Apps That Can Work Flawlessly With Apple Watch

  1. Strava

Strava is the most promising and widely used personal trainer app. Its ability to be connected with the Apple Watch adds to the convenience of recording movement straight from your wrist so people can easily leave their phones behind. Whenever you are doing any activity while wearing your Apple Watch, it tends to record it in the workout log from start to finish and display your stats.

  1. Alto App

If you are aiming to up your fitness game, eat healthily, lose few pounds and monitor your health, this is the best available app to fulfill all your needs. With this fantastic app, you can monitor your exercise without taking your phone everywhere. For enhanced motivation, the app also provides statistics that displays how well your willpower helped you achieve your fitness goals. Because of the configuration with the apple watch, phones can be left behind, and all the data can be recorded from the wristwatch.

  1. Streaks

This app markets itself as an app that helps you follow only good health practices. In other words, it helps you stay focused on your goals and achieve them in minimum possible time. It also records your food and water intake just from your wrist.

  1. Gymaholic

If you wear your apple watch when you hit the gym, apps like gymaholic will help you stay focused and motivated on your schedule. This app lets you plan your session before time, helps you identify the muscles to be worked on and how hard you need to push yourself.

The personal trainer app your health requires!

If you are looking for a personal trainer app that can do wonders with your fitness regime, Alto app is the best solution for all your needs. Alto app can work in conjunction with your Apple watch to put you on the right track of success. Not only can the app help you become fitter, but it will also tend to increase your lifespan considerably.