After you have successfully launched your app, the next step is to correctly do the mobile app marketing and get the maximum number of people to download the app. The app store is full of apps of different kinds. To make the customer download your app from the plethora of options available is a task you need to get done right. This is where the concept of an efficient marketing strategy becomes imperative to achieve. A marketing strategy will help you differentiate from the crowd.

When you have finally marketed your app to the right market segment, the next idea is to retain the customer by devising a kickass mobile app marketing strategy that makes your app better than the rest. A lot of people will download your app but only a few will remain loyal to the app. To achieve stable user growth, use these 5 comprehensive mobile app marketing strategies to secure the audience’s loyalty:

  • Promote with search ads

Search exposure will allow your app to enjoy both exposure and downloads. As backed by a research, 27% of people search apps via search engines. To create search engine ads, incorporate Google AdWords and nurture an app install campaign. The next step is to set up conversion rates, so you can manage downloads and installs.

  • Encourage user reviews

Having real-time reviews placed on the website will help you capture more audiences. Reviews help your app be trusted by new users. They tend to increase customer engagement, credibility, and loyalty of your app. Gamification marks as an additive feature into the app marketing strategy. Including a fun factor allows you to make the review process a fun experience.

  • Provide exceptional customer service

Excellent customer service is the key to ensuring stellar customer experience and fewer bad reviews. When carried out rightly, customer service enables you to engage with users and create loyalty. Outstanding customer service is a game changer in the apps industry.

  • Submit to review sites

Getting expert’s assessment of your app marks as a brilliant tool to attract a larger audience base. Though some review sites charge for the service, app review sites mark as a user and developer friendly resource to foster unbiased reviews. If you are getting a media review done, research the authors beforehand to get an idea about the type of content that they write.

  • Interact on social media

This is the age of social media. Including social media as an important part in your post-launch marketing strategy will take your business to unprecedented heights. A combination of fun and interactive content, such as blogs, articles, photos, will help you attract more people.


A successful post-launch marketing strategy requires a proper balance of paid and organic means of promotion. It is imperative that you keep interacting with the user on and off to establish loyalty. Having a strong marketing strategy in place will work towards both immediate downloads and establishing lifelong users.