School Systems Should Establish A Standard Student App

“The Basic Building-Blocks To A Sound Student App…”

Developing a smart software applications isn’t as easy as one may suppose, however establishing a standardized student software app in which would be specific to the school itself, would be one of the best and the most beneficial steps towards implementing new strategies that would improve students’ academic progress. Since technology devices like the Apple iPad had set the stage for innovation, educational facilities like colleges, high schools and universities are under the process of developing their very own application for the students. According to University Business (UB), they have recently issued a post, highlighting the major movement on how universities are designing own-on campus based software applications in which would serve the entire faculty. In this post, we will be discussing a probability scheme that in which we all can expect to see as standard protocol in the future of our educational systems.

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What A Basic School’s Student Smart App Would Consist Of?

The basic building blocks to an ideal and sound student application would consist a triple-sync system that would be identified as admin 1 (school administration), admin 2 (parents user-interface) and finally user 1 (student). The basics of the platform would allow the admin 1 as facilitator and are held responsible to assign permissions and restrictions from certain features, options and navigations for specified user. Admin 2 ideally would have a feedback system in which parents of the students can provide feedback to teachers and higher management. User 1 mode would be the most important, as most activities and status updates would be portrayed into User 1 interface, thus keeping the students updated with academia insights and their own progress.

Establishing A Smart Enhanced Student App In Educational Protocol

The essential protocol for a school or any educational facility is accreditation. Without accrediting bodies in which would support the academia level that is taught at such facility, the education would be meaningless. However, if school apps proves to be essential blocks for learning, it could set the bar as standard protocol for schools and universities alike, to establish a standard student login-app.


Students whom attends an academia facility with standardization of student app, will most likely benefit from Daily notifications option. Daily notifications option can relate to any updates, school news, conferences, event updates and notifications and other relevant school events. With this feature, students will be able to keep themselves proactive with any sudden changes, updates or important class notifications. The daily notifications, can also be used for teachers, parents or faculty staff to send internal correspondences. Furthermore, it can be considered as a hub as “All-notifications inbox”.

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As a conclusion to note, establishing an educational system that would consist of an educational app for students, can be the next step in academic innovation. This alone open doors for a “in-depth” insight of your child / students’ academic improvements and, in the same relation help a parent(s) and guardian(s) of a student to better evaluate the educational practices that a school may provide. Furthermore, an educational app for students can also help to keep everyone sync in one single platform in which would keep every participant active and “in-loop”. Parents can issue feedbacks to the school, faculty members, their child or common feedback(s) for improvements.

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