The Pink Star Diamond

 “CTF Pink Star”


Throughout history, people have found some of the strangest and the rarest elements of all times. The world is full of wondrous discoveries in which many still remains hidden even today. Some of the most precious elements in the world are found deep beneath the earth’s crust layers. Some of them are elements like diamonds! When a diamond is found, it doesn’t look anything like what you see in diamond jewelry shops. When diamonds are discovered from a deep minecraft, commonly they are known as uncut-diamonds. Uncut-diamonds are found uneven, rough and tend to have an odd shaped to the material. Majority of them are covered in dirt and they usually have a lot of impurities all over them. It isn’t beautiful until the diamond has been cut, and before it gets cut, it is plotted.

One of the most amazing discoveries of all times is the Pink Star Diamond, who took the name of CTF Pink Star shortly after it broke world record for the most highest bidding amount in history! The diamond had a new owner when it was bid-out for more approx. $71.2 million dollars!

Value is determined based on clarity and brilliance. Understanding a diamond and what sets its value can sometimes be a bit confusing as there are a few factors that helps to determine the actual value of the diamond, its category and the type of diamond it is. You may have heard of FL or IF diamond grades, in which to many people believe it is a special categorization method that help to understand the diamonds original origins. The truth is, FL or IF initials represents how clear and colorless a diamond is. Remember that a diamond never comes out shiny nor beautiful, not to say that no diamond can exist to such degree, however currently the rough edged, dull rock looking gems are the only form that we know that diamonds come in, so far.

As a conclusion, the more a diamond is clear, the more the diamond will be brilliant. Diamonds like the Pink Star, shines with great brilliance, even under the most minimal light source. It would look as if it can shine in the dark on its own! In fact, the Pink Star Diamond is one of the most notable and the most appreciated gem in diamond history. Upon careful plotting, the diamond was renowned as the “World’s Finest Treasure”, naming it as the Pink Star Diamond.

Discovery of the Pink Star

De Beers Sa discovered the rock as a colored fancy diamond. Originally found in 1999, in Batswana, the discovery led to a large, uncut diamond that weighed about 133 carats, most in which was impurities and other raw materials that haven’t completed the crystallization process.

The diamond took 24 months to completely polish, removing all the impurities till it came to the finest surface, leaving in total of 59.60 carats. The GIA had graded the diamond as IIa category, which means that the diamond has either little or no nitrogen atoms present in the crystal formations.

Let’s have a closer look at this precious rock shall we?










The beauty is set to be going in for another round at the auction, and we all know that it cannot exceed the original sold price, which was previously sold for $71 million. However if the auction stumbles upon a desperate person whom will sell his own soul for such, then there is hope that the diamond could be auctioned for more than it was originally sold for. To view the full story, click here.

Chocolate Diamonds in general are amazing pieces of jewels that stands as timeless precious items in which represents the amazing beauty that Mother Nature creates. Ingredients like coal, high temperatures, high level of pressures and time are the essential “need” in order to create chaos into beauty.

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