Jobs That Let You Be Your Own Boss

Not everyone prefers the routine of a 9 to 5 job. While some people like the stability, some have a more adaptive look towards life and prefer jobs with flexibility.

There are other reasons too, why people want to work according to their own schedule. Whatever the reasons may be, the preference of a flexible job schedule stands strong as shown clearly in this survey.

With the clear goal of malleable job timing in mind, we set out to find jobs that let people do so.

Delivery driver (Udely – labor and delivery app)

As the description suggests, the apps uses are two pronged. It is a delivery app along with being a delivery driver job app. This company provides all the benefits of being a delivery driver – including flexibility – and more.

This delivery driver app works by letting users become independent contractors.  People get to list their product line, make deliveries, and get paid all the while having flexibility.

Udely plays its role by providing a platform to direct people towards the product they are searching for. This lets it to be a package delivery app for consumers and a job opportunity portal for fledgling entrepreneurs those looking for work.

Video game designer

Designing video games is well known to be a creative, and time consuming task. It can take anywhere from a year to two, to design a video game. The work however, is only suitable and exciting if you have an understanding of programming and a passion for getting creative.

The biggest perk is that not only video game designers get to be creative in the most unique of ways, they also get to work according to their own timetable at the comfort of their home.

Content creator

This type of job is perhaps the very definition of versatility. Content creators get to write various types of content to be put up online. This requires you to be skillful in the language you decide write in along with having a streak of creativity and thinking out of the box. This is necessary so that you can help businesses achieve their goals.
Many content strategists and creators get to work on freelance basis; meaning they can pick a project whenever they are free or feel like it.

Graphic designer

This job includes creating visual methods for communication. These include brochures, logos, billboards, and any visual communicator you can think of.

Somewhat akin to being a content creator in terms of flexibility and work skill, a graphic designer gets frequent opportunities to work on freelance basis. Not being restricted to a specific work hour means most graphic designers can work when they feel most productive.


If you are multilingual and fluent in even one of the languages, you could become a translator. Since most companies require your presence only when services are needed, you will have excellent work hour malleability. Keep in mind, though – you will need great listening skills.