Email Verification Services: Top Best

Email Verification is a strategy adopted by many Email marketers due to its many advantages. This service can be provided by either software house or an online service.

The output is a clean list of email addresses with no dead accounts and spam traps – leading to favorable ROI. These services filter out any baseless or non-existent address giving you a list of emails meeting your business requirements.

So what Email Verification service to use? Mentioned below are some of our top-pick email verification services you cannot go wrong with:


Xverifier offers a real email validation service and can verify your phone data as well. It immediately helps verify fake accounts and disposable email addresses as well as spam keywords, role accounts and dead email addresses.  It offers its users free trial for the first 100 emails.



Xverify has a Pay-As-You-Go policy and starts with $5 for 500 checks, $100 for 10000 verifications and $2500 for 25000 email verifications. You can also get a customized plan in case you want to check more than 250000 verifications.


  • Neverbounce

This email verification service has multiple necessary and additional features. The downloadable report has easy-to-understand codes for a better user experience. It has no contact requirement and has a monthly fee which is based according to the volume of email it checks.

It is not only fast but accurate as well and processes 100000 addresses in 1 hour; it provides bulk email verification, spam detection, etc.



It has a starting price of $50 for 1000 emails and $400 for 100000 and keeps on changing according to the amount of email. Tiered discounts will help sweeten the experience for you. Visit and use their cost calculator and calculate the amount of email verification yourself.


  • ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce ensures positive results, detects spam traps, email abuses and provides domain identification as well. It has an average processing time of 1 hour.

Its additional features include visual reports and social append feature.



You have to pay $15 for 1000 email checks and the cost for 100000 email checks for $200. It has bulk email verification as well.


  • BriteVerify

BriteVerify starts verification as soon as you begin; it asks you to link your address with your LinkedIn account to provide identity confirmation. You get the pricing right after you upload your list.

You can enjoy their free trial on request.




A minimum order is $0.01 for checking 1 email address and a cost of 100000 emails is $1000. Average processing time can be 2-3 hours. It provides bulk email verification as well.



Hubuco’s minimum order is of $47 for 10,000 checks and is very accurate. It provides bulk email verification and you can check 100000 emails for $367.