The Pink Star Diamond

 “CTF Pink Star”


Throughout history, people have found some of the strangest and the rarest elements of all times. The world is full of wondrous discoveries in which many still remains hidden even today. Some of the most precious elements in the world are found deep beneath the earth’s crust layers. Some of them are elements like diamonds! When a diamond is found, it doesn’t look anything like what you see in diamond jewelry shops. When diamonds are discovered from a deep minecraft, commonly they are known as uncut-diamonds. Uncut-diamonds are found uneven, rough and tend to have an odd shaped to the material. Majority of them are covered in dirt and they usually have a lot of impurities all over them. It isn’t beautiful until the diamond has been cut, and before it gets cut, it is plotted.

One of the most amazing discoveries of all times is the Pink Star Diamond, who took the name of CTF Pink Star shortly after it broke world record for the most highest bidding amount in history! The diamond had a new owner when it was bid-out for more approx. $71.2 million dollars!

Value is determined based on clarity and brilliance. Understanding a diamond and what sets its value can sometimes be a bit confusing as there are a few factors that helps to determine the actual value of the diamond, its category and the type of diamond it is. You may have heard of FL or IF diamond grades, in which to many people believe it is a special categorization method that help to understand the diamonds original origins. The truth is, FL or IF initials represents how clear and colorless a diamond is. Remember that a diamond never comes out shiny nor beautiful, not to say that no diamond can exist to such degree, however currently the rough edged, dull rock looking gems are the only form that we know that diamonds come in, so far.

As a conclusion, the more a diamond is clear, the more the diamond will be brilliant. Diamonds like the Pink Star, shines with great brilliance, even under the most minimal light source. It would look as if it can shine in the dark on its own! In fact, the Pink Star Diamond is one of the most notable and the most appreciated gem in diamond history. Upon careful plotting, the diamond was renowned as the “World’s Finest Treasure”, naming it as the Pink Star Diamond.

Discovery of the Pink Star

De Beers Sa discovered the rock as a colored fancy diamond. Originally found in 1999, in Batswana, the discovery led to a large, uncut diamond that weighed about 133 carats, most in which was impurities and other raw materials that haven’t completed the crystallization process.

The diamond took 24 months to completely polish, removing all the impurities till it came to the finest surface, leaving in total of 59.60 carats. The GIA had graded the diamond as IIa category, which means that the diamond has either little or no nitrogen atoms present in the crystal formations.

Let’s have a closer look at this precious rock shall we?










The beauty is set to be going in for another round at the auction, and we all know that it cannot exceed the original sold price, which was previously sold for $71 million. However if the auction stumbles upon a desperate person whom will sell his own soul for such, then there is hope that the diamond could be auctioned for more than it was originally sold for. To view the full story, click here.

Chocolate Diamonds in general are amazing pieces of jewels that stands as timeless precious items in which represents the amazing beauty that Mother Nature creates. Ingredients like coal, high temperatures, high level of pressures and time are the essential “need” in order to create chaos into beauty.

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Fatal facebook Ad mistakes

Are your Facebook marketing results frustrating you? Did your Facebook Ad manager controls look deceptively simple to you at first?

It’s okay.

Managing paid social ads, especially those on Facebook can become ridiculously tough sometimes for seemingly no apparent reason.

We know.

Chances are you are making one of these common mistakes which are preventing your Facebook ads from bearing results.

Not using all the functions

The key distinction between a rookie and a seasoned Facebook ads expert is, one knows how to make full use of the ads manager and the other doesn’t. Many businesses end up feeding money to facebook but without any results.

Your ad campaign needs to follow the proper structure which can only be done if you know how to use all the ad manager functions.

Skipping analytical data

In business, market research is important for a host of reasons. Its most obvious uses are calculating ROI and finding out what is working for your particular campaign.

Facebook gives you a LOT of analyzed data under the facebook insights option. This is basically feedback for your advertisements but in numbers. It is an excellent way to implement improvements in areas where needed.

If you are skipping this data for some reason, well, stop now because this might be the obstacle. You can get in touch with a facebook agency to break down and implement the information for you if you’re not sure how it works.

Basic errors

Sometimes, even the best of us can make a mistake. The process of creating a Facebook ad is so swift and easy that businesses unerringly make small spelling or grammar mistakes. Such mistakes can be a put off to potential customers by making your business look unprofessional.

Not sure about your sentence grammar? Use one of these top grammar tools!

Misunderstood or ill-defined audience

To engage your audience successfully you need to understand who you are working with, at first. When you understand your target audience, you will be able to define them too.

This is one of the first and crucial steps to launching a successful campaign. Remember, the organic reach on Facebook has been regarded as “dead”. To reach your audience, you will have to be very smart about your target audience in the ad launching process. This can only be down if you have a crystal clear understanding of the target audience.

All in all, depending on your expertise, you could be making either one or multiple of these mistakes – mistakes that can tank your whole campaign and result in bad ROI.

The best way to rectify your campaign would be to break it down into individual elements and then analyze each thoroughly.

Jobs that let you be your own boss

Not everyone prefers the routine of a 9 to 5 job. While some people like the stability, some have a more adaptive look towards life and prefer jobs with flexibility.

There are other reasons too, why people want to work according to their own schedule. Whatever the reasons may be, the preference of a flexible job schedule stands strong as shown clearly in this survey.

With the clear goal of malleable job timing in mind, we set out to find jobs that let people do so.

Delivery driver (Udely – labor and delivery app)

As the description suggests, the apps uses are two pronged. It is a delivery app along with being a delivery driver job app. This company provides all the benefits of being a delivery driver – including flexibility – and more.

This delivery driver app works by letting users become independent contractors.  People get to list their product line, make deliveries, and get paid all the while having flexibility.

Udely plays its role by providing a platform to direct people towards the product they are searching for. This lets it to be a package delivery app for consumers and a job opportunity portal for fledgling entrepreneurs those looking for work.

Video game designer

Designing video games is well known to be a creative, and time consuming task. It can take anywhere from a year to two, to design a video game. The work however, is only suitable and exciting if you have an understanding of programming and a passion for getting creative.

The biggest perk is that not only video game designers get to be creative in the most unique of ways, they also get to work according to their own timetable at the comfort of their home.

Content creator

This type of job is perhaps the very definition of versatility. Content creators get to write various types of content to be put up online. This requires you to be skillful in the language you decide write in along with having a streak of creativity and thinking out of the box. This is necessary so that you can help businesses achieve their goals.
Many content strategists and creators get to work on freelance basis; meaning they can pick a project whenever they are free or feel like it.

Graphic designer

This job includes creating visual methods for communication. These include brochures, logos, billboards, and any visual communicator you can think of.

Somewhat akin to being a content creator in terms of flexibility and work skill, a graphic designer gets frequent opportunities to work on freelance basis. Not being restricted to a specific work hour means most graphic designers can work when they feel most productive.


If you are multilingual and fluent in even one of the languages, you could become a translator. Since most companies require your presence only when services are needed, you will have excellent work hour malleability. Keep in mind, though – you will need great listening skills.

Email Verification Services: Top Best

Email Verification is a strategy adopted by many Email marketers due to its many advantages. This service can be provided by either software house or an online service.

The output is a clean list of email addresses with no dead accounts and spam traps – leading to favorable ROI. These services filter out any baseless or non-existent address giving you a list of emails meeting your business requirements.

So what Email Verification service to use? Mentioned below are some of our top-pick email verification services you cannot go wrong with:


Xverifier offers a real email validation service and can verify your phone data as well. It immediately helps verify fake accounts and disposable email addresses as well as spam keywords, role accounts and dead email addresses.  It offers its users free trial for the first 100 emails.



Xverify has a Pay-As-You-Go policy and starts with $5 for 500 checks, $100 for 10000 verifications and $2500 for 25000 email verifications. You can also get a customized plan in case you want to check more than 250000 verifications.


  • Neverbounce

This email verification service has multiple necessary and additional features. The downloadable report has easy-to-understand codes for a better user experience. It has no contact requirement and has a monthly fee which is based according to the volume of email it checks.

It is not only fast but accurate as well and processes 100000 addresses in 1 hour; it provides bulk email verification, spam detection, etc.



It has a starting price of $50 for 1000 emails and $400 for 100000 and keeps on changing according to the amount of email. Tiered discounts will help sweeten the experience for you. Visit and use their cost calculator and calculate the amount of email verification yourself.


  • ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce ensures positive results, detects spam traps, email abuses and provides domain identification as well. It has an average processing time of 1 hour.

Its additional features include visual reports and social append feature.



You have to pay $15 for 1000 email checks and the cost for 100000 email checks for $200. It has bulk email verification as well.


  • BriteVerify

BriteVerify starts verification as soon as you begin; it asks you to link your address with your LinkedIn account to provide identity confirmation. You get the pricing right after you upload your list.

You can enjoy their free trial on request.



A minimum order is $0.01 for checking 1 email address and a cost of 100000 emails is $1000. Average processing time can be 2-3 hours. It provides bulk email verification as well.



Hubuco’s minimum order is of $47 for 10,000 checks and is very accurate. It provides bulk email verification and you can check 100000 emails for $367.

Online privacy: best practices

According to this statistic found on Stastica, about 64% of Americans worry about having their accounts hacked onto. This fear is not unfounded. Another demographic shows us 74% of global data breaches were identity thefts, 13% financial information breaches, and 6% were account hackings. The percentage might seem small, but on a global scale these numbers are huge and must not be ignored.

Online privacy is a step towards protecting one’s self from being victim to such crimes.  There are a host of practices through which online privacy can be implemented and one’s confidential data can be kept safe. The best of these practices are:

  1. Being social media savvy

An article posted on, social media is the perfect hunting ground for an assortment of cybercriminals. With over 2.62 billion social media users worldwide as of 2018, it may come as no surprise that cybercrime is so prevalent. It is very easy to lure users with click baits and other too good to be true content.

These reasons should lead one to evaluate the data they are sharing on social media. Personal information and such should be avoided sharing – the ones who matter to you do not need to know the intimate details of your life through social media.

  1. Do not hand out your social security number

Identity theft is known to constitute for the greatest number of data thefts, as we stated above. Sharing even the last 4 digits is dangerous. After all, guessing three digits is a lot easier than guessing seven digits. Absolutely avoid giving out you ss number unless it is for bank, or some other official entity.

  1. Strong and unique passwords

Setting up a good password is crucial in ensuring no one can guess the pass code and hack into your accounts.  In theory, strong and unique passwords are easy, but during application remembering these can be a tough task. You can use a password manager to aid you.

  1. Firewalls and antivirus

About 32% of computers globally are affected by some sort of malware. These numbers are convincing enough to lead one to believe a firewall or antivirus is not an option but a necessity. A monthly or yearly subscription is a small price to pay for safety of your data.
Additionally, learn how to properly scan your computer for suspicious content and get rid of it immediately so that your information is never compromised.



  1. Use your common sense

There are multiple ways through which someone may try to breach your online privacy; it is not possible to cover each and every of these scenarios.  Fortunately for us, most of these can be avoided through the use of common sense. For instance, if you see an advertisement claiming “you just won XYZ car, click and enter information to receive prize!” – know that it is a scam. We believe no amount of tips can account for common sense.